5  ways to increase your visibility on social media

5 ways to increase your visibility on social media

Growing your visibility online is a big goal for every business and a large part of growing your visibility comes from social media. Social media posts are super powerful for brand awareness. It’s not just about staying front of mind, but crafting a feed that stakeholders are impressed by when they do their due diligence. And let’s not forget… Social media posts are now showing in search results (even TikToks). 

So, just how can you increase your visibility on social media? Well, let me tell you 5 sure fire ways to boost your social media visibility.

Are you on the right social media platforms?

Most people tend to run out and sign up to every platform known to man, but the right approach is to be a bit picky. You might think if you cast the net wide enough, you’ll catch some fish… But that, my friend, is some 1980’s tactics right there. In this day and age, we can be really targeted. We don’t want all and sundry, we want the right people. Don’t spread yourself too thin and dilute your message. Ensure you’re on the right platform for your business and your audience.

If you’re unsure where this is, you can survey your audience to see where most of them hang out (great place to focus first!) But also think which suits your business best… Is what you do very visual (hello Instagram) or educational based (hello YouTube & TikTok). Pick 1 or 2 and double down hard on those to get seen.

Get to grips with hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to expose your content on social media. Take Instagram, for example. People follow hashtags and if you choose the right hashtags, you could find yourself landing into their news feed. Gaining reach of your ideal audience.

Be sure you pick hashtags that your ideal audience would be using themselves or following. And don’t ‘go large’. More niche small sized hashtags are better, to ensure you land in the ‘top posts’ for those (that’s what takes you into people’s feeds who follow those tags).

Are you being consistent with your social media presence?

So many people try something a few times… Don’t see a result and give up. Think about it. Would you keep digging up a seed you planted to see how it’s growing? No!

Decide realistically how much time you have to dedicate to posting online. Whether it’s social media, blog, podcast, YouTube, outreach… Make a schedule and stick to it.

From the outside looking in, there’s so much content to consume in one day and harsh reality moment… Not all your followers see all of your content, certainly not in the order you post it. So, by being consistent, you’re increasing your chance of getting seen and being engaged with, but also converting your audience into potential enquiries. We can help you with a customised social media strategy, that includes a posting schedule.

Add value through your social media posts

You have to give, give, give in this day and age. Posting a photo of your breakfast is only really going to work if you’re in the nutrition business. Otherwise, look to share value-added graphics on social media. Mini-training videos, or behind the scenes by interviewing a staff member. The more value you give, the more people you reach and that community will build and, in turn, increase your visibility through regular engagement.

Collaborate with like-minded businesses on social media 

Think about people who have a similar audience to who you’re trying to attract. See if you can invite them to collaborate on a LinkedIn article or podcast about a topic in your industry. Take ESG for example. You could discuss how each company is working towards hitting your net zero objectives.article

This is a great way to cross pollinate your audiences and get exposure to more people who are likely to work with you. But also in a way that’s really engaging (far better than a standard shoutout!)

There you have it… 5 ways to increase your social media visibility. Give it a go and you won’t be disappointed with the results!

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