Meet The Blogger | Interview With Rebecca Meldrum of Mrs Meldrum | AB Fiftyone Marketing | Digital Marketing, Social Media & Content Marketing Company Aberdeen

Meet The Blogger | Interview With Rebecca Meldrum of Mrs Meldrum

Meet The Blogger | Interview With Rebecca Meldrum of Mrs Meldrum

Meet The Blogger | Interview With Rebecca Meldrum of Mrs Meldrum

Continuing with our ‘Meet The Blogger’ series, up next we have an Aberdeen based digital influencer Rebecca, from the family life blog and You Tube channel, Mrs Meldrum.

Rebecca is well known as ‘Mrs Meldrum’ across the digital world.  She is a wonderful Mummy to 2 little ladies and married to Mr Meldrum, who works offshore.

After graduating from university, Rebecca started her family and subsequently her blog and has found herself, after 4 years, entering the You Tube hall of fame when it comes for family life vloggers with over 11,000 subscribers to her channel.

Rebecca vlogs regularly about her family life experiences, adventures, opinions and fashion, which Mr Meldrum also gets involved in when he’s back onshore. Their open, honest and fun take on life is what keeps us enthralled.

How did you get into blogging and vlogging and was it something you had always wanted to do?

I stumbled upon vlogging & blogging – it all started as a way of documenting my second pregnancy, a way to remember those moments that are quickly forgotten when the baby arrives. People started watching, then they started requesting content, before I knew it they wanted more updates, pictures, questions answered and really wanted to be in on the action & it sort of spiralled from there!

What is the most rewarding aspect about it?

The positive community – not just other bloggers & bloggers but my viewers. Speaking daily to other women who think & feel the same as me – it’s so empowering & helps me get through those little daily parenting struggles!

What challenges do you face regularly in the world of digital influencing?

There’s always a new form of social media & I try to stick to the few I’ve now mastered. Camera catastrophes is a biggie for me!

What does a typical vlogging/blogging day involve for you?

I literally film our day from the moment we wake up until the kids go to bed – I don’t tailor my days to fit in with any ‘perfect’ pictures & what you see is what you get – so it’s usually a very average mummy day! It’s the late nights of editing that are a little different!

What does the future hold for Mrs Meldrum?

As my family grows up (or grows – who knows) my channel will keep evolving, I’m constantly trying to better my editing skills & always working with fantastic brands, it’s such a new & exciting industry to be part of.

Why do you think it’s important for brands to work with digital influencers as part of their campaigns?

I think it’s important because we are real, honest & utterly relatable – we are much cheaper than TV but much more relatable & reliable with a huge platform to share our views, experiences & opinions on – brands would be mad not to get in on the youtube action!!

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