Maximise Customer Spend

Unleash your customers' spending ability

You could be leaving money on the table if you don’t prioritise your existing customers’ full spending potential. Every customer that buys from you has the potential to spend more.

From buying again at set frequencies AKA the customer life cycle, through to simply spending more with each transaction. 

At AB Fiftyone, we know how to increase customer spend; by understanding & optimising the journey your clients & customers go through, we can create a frictionless experience and give them the best possible chance to convert (time and time again!)

Increasing Customer Conversions by:


We step into your customers shoes and learn from their habits & actions. Identifying where there are opportunities to maximise their spend.


Helping you to create the best customer life cycle experience by A/B testing, to make sure that you get the best possible spend per customer from every interaction with your business, during and after sale.


In this digital data era, there’s no reason to treat everyone the same. By identifying actions & responses we can predict and pre-empt where & when messages can be sent to your customers, based on their reaction. Rather than ‘just’ send them a standard message every 30 days.

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Multi-award winning growth marketing

AB Fiftyone is the creme del la creme of digital agencies for delivering high impact results from your investment in marketing.

Working directly with business founders, or in tandem with internal marketing teams to maximise the return for our clients.

Why choose us to maximise your customer spend?

We don’t ‘just’ enable you to increase your sales – we make sure that your business is set up to maximise each potential customers’ spend with you. When it comes to revenue growth, many businesses focus on driving new business and overlook existing customers and the potential to increase average customer spend. 

You’ll always get a far better return on investment from existing customers, because they already know and trust you. This is where you can really increase your business revenue potential. Existing customers hold a lot of value, so we’re here to make sure you’re remarketing to them in the best & most efficient way in order to unleash unrealised revenue.

Customer Journey Audit

We’ll start by looking at what your current customers’ buying journey, identifying where there’s friction (AKA what’s costing you sales) and highlight the opportunities to maximise each customers’ spending potential.

Customer Life Cycle Strategy

We’ll look at your website & enquiry or purchase experience to increase new customer spend. We also make sure you don’t neglect or overlook your existing customer retargeting process in a bid to increase your customer loyalty and repeat spend.

Automation & Systems

Nothing needs to be manual these days. We’re well versed in various systems to automate retargeting and personalised email marketing, so that you’re safe in the knowledge that your spend per customer is being maximised 24/7.

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