5 Website must haves to generate leads in your b2b business

5 Website must haves to generate leads in your b2b business

Your website is more powerful than you know. It’s more than just a space and presence, it’s your sales team, your marketing department, your PR team (and if you have an e-commerce site, your cashier too) all pulling together to make sure that what you offer is discoverable on Google. It’s essential, therefore, that your website is clear, captivating and most importantly, working hard and selling for you. When it comes to website must haves to generate leads in your b2b business, there 5 key elements every website should have.

Easy website navigation

First up, your website should be easy to navigate. People can enter your website in so many ways. Literally every page or blog post is an entry point for someone to land on your website. You need to think about where you want them to go next. 

This needs to guide users through an effortless and intuitive journey, like walking down a guided path.

It’s so easy to think that you don’t need to direct people with links, because there’s a menu bar at the top “they’ll figure it out”. Never assume. Always make an organic and seamless navigation experience for the user.

Which leads me nicely into…

Build the it for them, not you

Regrettably, numerous businesses present their websites as mere repositories of company information, overlooking their potential as robust sales tools. Even if your business is the focal point, always approach website content from the perspective of your audience. Emphasise the transformation your offerings can bring, addressing their needs, showcasing solutions, and highlighting your unique approach in solving their problems.

Have a website sales strategy

Even outside the world of e-commerce, your website should engage your online visitors proactively to guide them through your sales process. By implementing strategic pop-ups to capture their interest, you can encourage actions such as newsletter sign-ups, opt-ins, or insightful webinars to lead them into your b2b sales funnel. Allowing you to nurture these prospects through value-driven newsletters, steering them toward making a decision to work with you.

Social Proof

The phenomenon of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) holds significant sway over consumer behavior. Leverage social proof by showcasing product reviews, client logos and service testimonials prominently on your website. These testimonials bolster the confidence of prospective buyers, especially those at the final stages of their purchasing decision.

Trust and Confidence

Building consumer confidence in your website is non-negotiable. Ensure your website is not only secure with ‘https’ protocol but also exudes a professional and trustworthy demeanor throughout. A visually appealing and polished website front-end instills confidence in potential client and customer, fostering an environment where they are comfortable sharing sensitive information or deciding to work with you.

In conclusion, infuse your b2b website with your unique brand persona to resonate with your audience authentically. Your website is a powerful sales asset waiting to be maximised.

Elevate your online presence today and witness your website become an unparalleled catalyst for corporate success.

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