How to find digital growth opportunities

How to find digital growth opportunities

Achieving digital growth in your business can sometimes feel like a challenge. How can you grow your business online in a way that’s the most time and cost effective? Well we’ve got you covered!

Let us guide you on how to best set your business up for digital growth and how you can identify the best opportunities for instant impact and long term sustained revenue return, with this simple checklist:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Targeting
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Identify your weak spots
  5. Defining growth opportunities in your business
  6. Create a winning formula

Setting Goals

More often than not, setting goals gets skimmed over… We get it, you’re just excited to get to the good part of ‘making things happen’. But think of your goals like your sat nav postcode. It sets the destination and helps guide you. 

Perhaps you want to increase revenue by 20% in 2022.

Well you can then set objectives on how you’ll break this down i.e 10% increase in revenue from social media channels or improve the ROI on paid media.

It’s important that you have clear direction on where you’re heading and how you’re going to measure that success (so you know when you achieve it, but can also double down if you’re not on track).

Targeting the right audience

Understanding who your potential clients & customers are and how they behave online is key for any online growth. Think about where you can find them i.e social media platforms, forums, search.

If you need help profiling your target market, you can use Google Analytics, Google Trends, arrange a focus group/interview previous clients/customers or talk to us to help identify your growth potential.

Have an eye on the competition with a Competitor Analysis

There’s amazing 3rd party tools out there, such as SEMRush, Raven Tools, that can help you assess the keywords that your competitors are using.

But you’ll also want to identify the type of content they’re using online… What platforms and placements i.e podcasts, blogs and where there are gaps for your business to get stand out online.

Knowing your weak spots

What internal factors are going to hinder your online growth? Maybe you lack internal resources and need additional support from a digital agency to help you deliver campaigns.

Or perhaps there’s restrictions on what you can do with the website. A digital agency will be able to suggest the right solutions, such as a stand alone landing page that can be optimised to drive campaign results .

Identifying growth opportunities in your business

Now you want to uncover where you can capture the highest amount of traffic, leads, sales, conversions in your business.

Looking at a number of areas in your business, such as potential for new market growth as well as existing customer journey improvement.

Your winning formula

Once your growth campaign is up and running, keep an eye on the performance, making sure that any paid search and social elements are optimised and that spend is diverted to the areas that are performing well.

Want to get a set of eyes on what content or platforms to use to meet your growth marketing objectives, then give us a call on 01467 533600 or email [email protected] and let’s start the ball rolling.

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