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How EnerMech hit 1 million reach on LinkedIn

Building awareness in new global markets for EnerMech

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Delivering an internal marketing campaign to their 500+ employees, unleashing the power of people to expand local level global reach online. In doing so we helped them achieve 1 million impressions worldwide and kick started employee advocacy.



Follower Growth


New Countries Reached

The Challenge

Reaching people in new global markets

EnerMech is a fast growing company, consistently expanding into new sectors. They wanted that offline growth to be matched online, with recognition in new sectors and territories. Reaching the right people with key messaging around their innovative approach and service offerings.
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How to reach new global markets online
The Insight

Identifying their superpower

The answer lay in their employees, #TeamEnerMech. As a global company with a vast team. No one can deliver messages quite like the local level employees. Each expert in their own fields and with the company’s target audience at their fingertips, via LinkedIn. By educating them on the mutually powerful benefits of the platform, they could quickly get the right message to the right people.
The Results

How EnerMech hit 1 million reach on LinkedIn

After rolling out an internal email campaign using educational infographics on the mutual benefits of posting & engaging on LinkedIn, with the power of #TeamEnerMech, hit 1 Million reach on LinkedIn. Getting their up to the minute sector specific messaging in front of the right people around the globe. Building global awareness for the brand, including the services and benefits they offer.

How to reach new global markets online
Client Wins

Turning global teams into powerful social media ambassadors...

With organic social media, EnerMech harnessed the expertise and enthusiasm of their dedicated employees, unleashing a powerful LinkedIn campaign that propelled their brand to new heights and facilitated entry into untapped global markets.
1 Million reach on LinkedIn

1 Million reach on LinkedIn

With the power & culture of #TeamEnerMech the company hit 1 million reach in 12 months.
Employee education

Employee education

By educating staff on the benefits for them, there’s now a mutual understanding of how a platform like LinkedIn adds value.
Getting in front of local level decision makers

Getting in front of local level decision makers

The power lies with the personal connections and EnerMech are now leveraging that in new territories globally.
The a to b approach.

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