5 Social Media Trends for 2024

5 social media trends for 2024

It’s time to get ready for what’s about to shake up the social media landscape for the coming year. Here are the top five trends that in 2024 will redefine how we communicate, create content and engage with audiences.

1. Long videos are making a come back

After a storm of short video domination, there is now talk of a massive comeback of longer videos. No, we’re not talking about movie stuff; We discuss an interesting 2-5 minute video. We’ve already seen heavily video platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok increase their video length limits, with reels on Instagram taking up to 15 minutes. User behavior is shifting toward seeking more detailed answers on social media, and people are shifting towards those that are largely for entertainment and information. You can expect this to filter through to other social media platforms also.

Tips: Use 2-3 minute videos, focus on evergreen content, avoid unnecessary multi-part videos, and make sure longer videos are interesting and valuable to your audience.

2. Social platforms as search engines

Move over, traditional search engines! Social media platforms are stepping up their game as new destinations for real-time insights and information. TikTok is already integrating Google search results, which show changes in how users search for information. For businesses, this means embracing a social SEO strategy by creating educational, searchable content that simultaneously entertains and educates. Evergreen information reigns supreme in social surveys, providing a useful framework for engagement.

Tips: Leverage social SEO, create content that addresses frequently asked questions, and acknowledge top educational content in search results.

3. LinkedIn will move away from personal content

LinkedIn, the professional haven, is returning to its roots by deprioritising personal content. Algorithm changes for professionals and information-based knowledge, encourage users to showcase their ability share knowledge and advice, as well as being subject matter experts. So you’ll want to keep your breakfast snaps for Instagram.

In parallel, Gen Z’s rapid growth on LinkedIn is noteworthy. Younger users are searching for more genuine place to hang out. One that’s free of Instagram’s curated content.

Tips: Focus on professional content that showcases your expertise, build your personal network, and stay active.

4. Embracing AI for social media management

AI is not here to replace but to enhance your role as a social media manager. Tools like ChatGPT and OwlyWriter AI help speed up processes, generate ideas and test messages. Combining human creativity with efficient AI creates better engagement and results. Embrace AI tools to streamline operations, allowing more time for strategic thinking and audience engagement.

Tips: Experiment with AI tools, leverage their productivity capabilities, and optimise programming across platforms.

5. Text only posts popularity

As established platforms undergo a transformation, text-based applications like Mastodon, Bluesky, and Threads have carved out their niche. Even on easy-to-find traditional traditional platforms, text-only posts are making a come back and are thriving.

Marketers are capitalising on the efficiency and engagement potential, especially with simpler approval processes. Text-based social apps are here to stay, highlighting the enduring allure of straightforward textual content.

Tips: Secure your usernames on emerging text-based platforms (even if you plan to do nothing with them yet), repurpose text-only content where you can, and refine strategies for platforms favoring text-based engagement.

Stay ahead of the curve, adapt to these trends, and watch your social media presence flourish in 2024! It’s an exciting time to be creative, engage, and make meaningful connections with audiences. For any help or support in planning our your social media strategy in 2024, get in touch.

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