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Meet The Blogger | Interview With Vicki Psarias Of Honest Mum

Meet The Blogger | Interview With Vicki Psarias Of Honest Mum

Meet The Blogger | Interview With Vicki Psarias Of Honest Mum

Blogging is something that is taking the marketing world by storm.  If it’s not something you haven’t delved into as a marketer or company, then let us take you on a guided tour of some of our favourite digital influencers and get to know what the world of content marketing has to offer.

First up we are delighted to interview Vicki from top UK blog (and vlog) Honest Mum.  Vicki covers a number of topics including food, family, fashion and life…but for us, as readers, we love her inspiring posts where she writes candidly about her experiences in life as a director, mother and someone in the digital eye.  One of  our favourites landed Vicki on a segment for Sky TV, talking about the imposter syndrome.

Not just an influence in the digital world, Vicki is foremost a mother with 2 gorgeous boys, whom she features regularly in her posts and videos.

How did you get into blogging and vlogging and was it something you had always wanted to do?

I started Honest Mum in November 2010, after my great friend, the filmmaker Amancay Tapia pestered me to set up blog-and at a time very few were blogging too.

I was suffering from a traumatic birth at the time, felt lost and without a voice.

I deeply craved my own creative space after having worked for many years as a TV Director and Filmmaker. My blog helped me rediscover myself-and my confidence slowly returned. Eventually, my site opened up a whole new way of working- a flexible and empowering way to run a business.

Thanks to my filmmaking work and some earlier TV presenting for BBC2, vlogging was a natural progression for me. Video is booming too in our sector too and many of my briefs involve video. I love that I can still direct, self-shoot (as I did on TV docs) through my digital work whilst often being in front of the camera too- something I find so much fun!

It’s also been wonderful to share my award-winning short films via FB to my new audience on my Honest Mum page.

What is the most rewarding aspect about blogging?

Doing what I love every single day- and the sheer diversity of it. It’s impossible to ever be bored and I feel incredibly passionate about blogging and vlogging.

I live to write so to do that day in and day out as a living and merge it with my passion for filmmaking and being on-camera, is a dream come true. The biggest rewards are the fact it works around my family and offers them incredible opportunities like super holidays and of course highlights like my son Oliver, 6, cooking with Jamie Oliver.

What challenges do you face regularly in the world of digital influencing?

I love a challenge, it’s where you grow and learn. Knowledge is power so I like to understand the whole workings of this sector from keeping up with new tech trends and social media to SEO and beyond. I’ve learnt a heck of a lot this last year when it comes to analytics and optimisation.

I suppose for me personally the never-ending challenge is balancing work and life- as so much of my life is also my work if that makes sense! Having distinct boundaries between work and play, taking time off and NOT sending those emails at 1 am is a constant juggle! I’m a mother-hustler as we all are right?! Taking time out too though, is vital for wellbeing and productivity in the long-run.

What does a typical vlogging/blogging day involve for you?

I go through emails and social media platforms once the kids are at school and nursery (I have 1 day off a week here with Xander, sometimes two which require working on evenings)… I connect with PRs on briefs for campaigns, have calls or google hangouts with clients and am often working on projects months in advance. I usually speak to my manager Neil at Insanity a few times a day, my publicist Hayley too on upcoming shoots and press- and I connect with my literary agent Robyn at Diane Bates Associates too a few times a week usually, about my first book. If I’m in London, I tend to be rushing around the city for meetings/ shoots and catch ups with friends in between. I tend to be in London once or twice a week and mostly return the same day so I can see the kids the next day. Weekends are sacred to me and are filled with fun times with family and close friends.

My life is busy and full, just the way I like it! I have boundless energy like my Dad and need to be busy! I was used to working 12-15 hour days as a director and I think once you’ve had that kind of training, anything feels manageable and I certainly don’t work those kind of hours now!

What does the future hold for Honest Mum?

Ooh there are a lot of upcoming projects and collabs in store, sadly I can’t talk about any of them at present-I can say that some might well be regarded as groundbreaking for bloggers and vloggers so it’s a hugely exciting time for me. I am also writing my first book too.

Why do you think it’s important for brands to work with digital influencers as part of their campaigns?

Digital influencers are incredibly powerful because they are relatable and genuine. My followers tell me they feel like I’m their friend and that really matters to me. I feel like they’re my friends too.

I’ll always be honest and true online and IRL. You can’t fake being genuine, readers can see through it. I am who I am and unapologetically so. I hope everyone can feel that way.

That bond I have with my readers of course, as with all influencers, is vital to brands.

I will never endorse anything I don’t believe in 100% and my readers trust me. Trust is everything!


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